Membership 18 and Older$25.00
Kids Club$5.00
Checks Returned in statement (per month)$3.00
Mailing Statement
(Heavy statements will be mailed & charged if not picked up by the 15th of the month.) Exceptions: 18 & under and 62 & older.
Account Printout$1.00
Statement Replacement$3.00
Undeliverable Mail$3.00
Gift Cards$3.00
Reloadable Cards$5.00
Reload Card Fee$3.00
Reinstate Debit Card Fee$25.00
Debit Card Replacement (Mbr. Request)$10.00
Dormant Account
(No Activity in 6 months) Exceptions: CD accounts/Kids Club/62 & Older
Insufficient Funds Charge (per item)$25.00
Business Returned Check Fee (per item)$15.00
Personal Returned Check Fee (per item)$25.00
Stop Payment$25.00
Stop/Reinstate Auto Pay Loan$25.00
Courtesy Call
(1 free per month—Flat fee after)
Copy of Check (per item)$1.00
Excessive savings withdrawal
(6 free per month)
Cashier’s Checks (<$1000.00)$1.00
Cashier’s Checks (>$1000.00)$2.00
Mailing Cashier’s Checks$2.00
Counting Coins7% of total
Photocopy Fee$.25/page
Fax Fee—Outgoing$2.00
Fax Fee—Incoming$.50/page
Money Wire—Outgoing$15.00
Money Wire—Incoming$10.00
Garnishment, Execution or Levy$20.00
Account Closure (within 90 days)$25.00
Repetitive account open/close$5.00
Loan processing fee (Includes Credit Report)$50.00
Non-member Check Cashing (per $100.00)$5.00